Everybody has lofty dreams about how they want their home to look. While some of our home improvements such as new decking and swimming pools might be a bonus, other improvements are absolutely necessary.

Without them, our houses don’t feel like homes and it isn’t pleasant going back after a long day at work. While the dream is for the perfect home equipped with all the things that brighten up the place, or additions needed to save us time and money, these upgrades aren’t always cheap.

Home improvement can be very expensive and if not done with caution, could put you in debt for a long time. Even when we decide to choose traders that are ‘within budget’, the work can be of so poor quality that we have to get someone else to redo it, and the cost ends up so much more than what we were avoiding at first.

So, do you put up with the messes in your home, or do you bite the bullet and make the home improvement you need?

Here’s the deal, with the renewed Home Improvement Scheme, you can get much needed work done at home, while keeping your costs manageable.

The Return of The Home Improvement Scheme Voucher

It has been a month since the Northern Territory government reintroduced the Home Improvement Scheme Voucher, as a means of making it cheaper, easier and more reliable to execute much needed home-renovation projects. Yet, there are many people still not aware of the scheme and its benefits.

So, what’s the real story?

The Home Improvement Scheme is a project designed to help homeowners, support local businesses and boost job creation, from an allocation of $15 million from the government, besides the $22 million for the Immediate Works Stimulus Package.

The scheme gives homeowner-occupiers a voucher that can be used to pay tradies for work done on their home. The previous scheme had a provision or $2,000, but this new one gives up to $4,000 for eligible owners.

The voucher limit of $4,000 can be used for part payment of jobs of up to $20,000. However, the homeowner will have to pay for at least half of the job themselves.

If you had received a voucher during the previous scheme, you would still be eligible for another $2,000. If this is your first time, you could get up to $4,000.

Bigger and Better Than Ever

The return of the Home Improvement Scheme has come as a relief to many, as the  previous Home Improvement Scheme was ended by the Labour government, despite it being very popular with homeowners and tradies.

However, Chief Minister Michael Gunner not only brought back the scheme, but doubled the voucher limit. The government brought the scheme back due to the difficult state of the economy for small to medium scale trade businesses.

And here’s the best part.

Following an exodus of tradesmen from Northern Territory, the government has made the change to help improve jobs in the region. So now thankfully, tradies and homeowners can benefit from the new and improved scheme.

How Does It Work?

Applications can be made by filling out a form on the Home Improvement Scheme website. Before you apply, you would first need to get a quote from an approved tradie.

Visit the website to get a list of approved tradies and then get a quote. If you did a search for solar installation for example, you will find a list of registered companies alongside Quality Solar.

Next step is to submit your quote along with proof that you are the owner-occupier of the property. Once approved, you will receive your voucher and you can commence work.

Use the voucher for part payment, which the tradie will redeem online.

The approval process takes about two weeks, but depending on the number of applicants it could take slightly longer.

Who Should Apply And When?

The application is open to all homeowner occupiers. While chances of getting an approval voucher might be higher for first time applicants, you are still likely to receive a second one.

The scheme ends on the 31st of December or when funds run out. As you can imagine, a lot of homeowners will be looking to take advantage of the voucher, so it is advisable to apply as soon as possible.

If you had planned on any renovation work for later in the year or even next year, moving up your time table would be a good way to save you money.

Get the Home Upgrade You Need Right Now

A wide range of home improvement works are covered by the scheme. From air-conditioner installation and servicing, to flooring and carport services, and an array of electrical works. There is almost no task not covered by the Home Improvement Scheme Voucher.

If you need asbestos removed, are battling a rodent infestation or your plumbing has had its full and needs repairs, now is the time to do it.

With the new system, it is also easier to validate the tradesmen you employ, as only those registered with the government can be used. This added security feature gives you peace of mind as a homeowner.

Time For Solar Power and Why it Matters

Everybody is aware of the cost-saving benefits of solar panels, the environmental impact and the good-feeling it gives, when we do something that benefits us and the world we live in. While the benefits are undeniable, many people get discouraged by the high initial cost.

Luckily, Quality Solar NT is registered as a small and medium trade company with the Northern Territory government for the Home Improvement Scheme. This means you can not only get your solar panels installed by a trustworthy company, but you can also get it done cheaper.

As a long-standing business in the Northern Territory, we are well-versed with all rules and regulations affecting solar PV installations and maintenance for the region, as well as the climatic conditions necessary for optimum solar power generation and ways to keep your costs down without compromising quality.

To find out what Quality Solar NT can do for your home or business, contact us now.

Make your Home Improvement Scheme Voucher last for a lifetime by installing solar PV.